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Homo Iratus - Equipollence lyrics

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Equipollence by Homo Iratus

Enjoying silence while born deaf
Serene being blessed with infliction
Born sick in an already sickening world
Which poisons back the ones that she'd the poison upon it
Nature does not avenge it goes with the flow
We have midlessly distorted
To serve our greed and "evolving" species
Evolution is respect in all things
Something we lost
Something that few remember
And even rare few live by
Now as everything deteriorates
We try to fathom the reasons "why?"
While being right in front of our eyes
Pretend we need to figure out why
While why eludes consciously our conscience
In order to wipe the guilt clean from our hides
The sarcofagus of our souls we so much take care of
Caring more for the outside while we leave the inside to rot
Balance of effect
Born sick
Balance of effect
Already sickening
And with it rots the environment
We need to support our existence
As we poison and strip it clean
Of all resources
Just for the sake of pure profit
Giving jack shit about the comming
Generations that will face
The planet we turned into a whore.
And like a whore it will pass the disease
Onto them as they fuck the planet too
.... Euipollence

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