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Homeboy Sandman - Hallways Out Now lyrics

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Hallways Out Now by Homeboy Sandman

I see dead people, they tell me keep the real stand, word up!
No responsibilities for actions, I switch and take a stabbin'
It's a turn off, strict by my turn-offs
Go tell em why I turn up, safe cuz I'm a good earner
So I ain't gotta keep the rabbit's foot swol up
I could write up all of those gospels
Only get around to that
If I don't take the time to act hostile
f**k that whole Apollo crowd
Hope they all f**ked up by Apollo Creed
Son got spaced out
Talk about Apollo Deep
No apologies, I'm Apollo G, waddup
Alias Zeus, I comped it from planets
That be allied with some alien troops
Varian tune, oh, that's enough of my Sumerian roots
Sumerian ruins
All race is on now, what else I gotta say?
(Verse 2)
My peripheral vision is funny funny
Your eyes on the back of my head seein' for real, stop!
Stamps for all the planets on my passport
Got a sub system made of ashfold, keep it in my gym sport
Watch em teleport to send the court
Homie, I done been to court, to stream the court(?)
Weeks and months pass, but all I ever made is shy class for shy glass
Had to hit the street for my real Ed
Seven ounce deep before I slept in a real bed
Now I'm a marked man, but I'm a marksman
So I don't sweat it, y'all don't get it
I got a game plan, X's and O's for the whole kenneth
Phone tags your tag on a protagonist
O-Mag imagine us
Off to handle my business
Maybe the new record is hallways, do yourself a favor
(Verse 3)
All my words are fighting words, violent like the viking swirls
Without the rake, all yo sh*t done caught me when I was outta shape
Now I got my heart rate lower, pall the bowers, I got flowers that pollinate
Hold the b, I'mma soak up on all the range (?)
This is not a game, iron in cheap coats
Order is the street clothes, order is a street meat
Freak shows, all them watch this street peep peak shows
Take y'all booze and meatloaf, blood in blood, I cruise and meek law
So now I'm bringin' out cheapskates
Showin' out, throwin' out keepsakes
For Pete's sake and Christ's sake
Told his fam vamp hunter with the higher stakes
The proud of the empire, the Dire Straits
To, take y'all booze and meatloaf, blood in blood, I cruise and meek law?

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