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(HED)P.E. - Tits, Clits And Bong Hits lyrics

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Tits, Clits And Bong Hits by (HED)P.E.

Neva' fear
Sluts in the front, Ho's in the rear
Tits, clits, bong hits your fist in the air!
Aw, DJ!
My fellow freakers, dancers, tweakers
Hah, come on we blow up these speakers
Well I know I kinda fuck like a virgin in sundress and sneakers,
God damn, your pussy like squeaking,
Them lips they like speaking, listen I hear 'em laughing at you,
I kinda like what that pussy put me through, say what?
I kinda like what that dirty little ho put me through,
Shit could be worse
Second verse
Phase 2
Could be you
Let her cum and go get intra talkin' shit talkin' fag,
We roll the weed with the Rolex tag, come at me,
When he see me lock dressed and he said,
Baby, I know it was on the way you from me, how we chomp a tit,
My trick, the stripper sit down on this, uh-uh-uh,
Aw baby told me the new years of the math,
Ha yeah I'll write a check, biggest fine, make it fat,
You financing my next hydro sack
Sixty laps later, 6 G's later,
See me chillin' with the 8 track in the 48 tracks,
The contracts, I sign the spark lines, sinners, backflights,
Tits, clits, bong hits, so hot, super fly,
Yo D why they tripin? Ha,
It's cause we get into HB strippers that they playin' to play hands on,
Yeah you fucking pussy, so don't say shit,
Yeah you know who got my back,
Got some more nigger come up in that white boy G strap,
This is for the ho, my ho, bro's who know,
And the nigger T-Love, where he's at nobody know,
And the kids at the liquor store I'll be buying beer,
For a mummy or myself, but I'll brak the tour.
Yeah straight from the jungle, this is the (hed) NIGGA,
MCUD, hah-hah-hah-hah, JAHRED! in the motherfucker.

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