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Hecatomb - Orgasm By The Bloodsucker (Or Rape Of The Haxan) lyrics

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Orgasm By The Bloodsucker (Or Rape Of The Haxan) by Hecatomb

Ceremony in fullmoon night
Ritual under book of god
Bloody haxan punished in the name of god
Mask of demon nailed to her face
Unholy gore flowed to the ground
Bloody haxan, diabolic face behind the mask
Bloody haxan cursed
All god's men on the earth
The messanger of possession
Rewarded by master of hell
Spirit of Queen Succubi rested
In darkness kingdom
After two hundred years
Time has come black revenge
Awaken terror raised up from fires of hell
Old man's gore flowed into her mouth
Red liquid gave life into her eyes
Resurrection and dark obsession
Will cursed to all humanity
Return of her dark life was calling
Corpse of dead servant: "Rise Javutich, rise, rise Javutich"
Voice of the haxan took his soul from where in pain
Rotten hands come out in the crypt
The cryptic resurrection, the servant was alive
Javutich's terror surrounded castle
Where believers pray to god
Javutich deceived Countess Katia
Holy orchid in red trap
Asa, the executioner wishing for victim to take revenge
Naked virgin on sarcophagus
Dark orgy spilled warm gore
Lesbianic and erotic bloodlust desire
Asa's tongue lipped her virgin peach
Katia trembled so lustily
Asa's teeth bite her virgin peach
Gore of virgin sucked
Haxan Asa marked Katia
To suck gore forever
Innocent light of holiness become
Fallen angel's whore

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