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Hecatomb - I, Misanthrope lyrics

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I, Misanthrope by Hecatomb

Blessed vermins corroded me for years
My soul refused extortion
I denied mortal life and heaven prize
Sworn to father of hell
I baptized in dark flames
Taken gift is eternal life
And thirsty of liquid in human veins
Neverending of my life
Is everlasting pain of mankind
I transformed from the knight of god to son of Necuratul
I confess my I'll will, I confess my pure hate
Ismeju in my drochfhola will suffer to you
I despise you, mankind, mass of mud, you'll be defeated
I'll close betraying eyes of humanity
Peace gardens will be desolated
I defy to lies and father of lies
Final battle will become victory of impalement
And sadistic terror of my pride, my despite
Humans will kneel down
I'll decapitate of fester slaves, gore glory will be mine
King of paradise, your throne is falling
Fallen one will rise up
You will become the desolate deceptive one

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