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Hecatomb - Dehumanization Of Totalitarian Psychopath lyrics

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Dehumanization Of Totalitarian Psychopath by Hecatomb

No time to live for poors in belief
Black gate waiting them in the red dark disaster
Lord's stake and black lord was taking life
Only salvation was to die
He refused to the holy cross
And joined the unholy war
He destroyed in the name of mutation
To Nachzehrer
Upyr boiled bodies in caldrons
And mothers forced to eat burnt souls
Upyr dunked bread in hot blood
Not for Jesus, he was just psychopath
Dark lord upon red throne
Drakos, impaler son of lord of lords
Dehumanization gave power to Necuratul
Totalitarian lord in blasphemation
Smartass and haughty envoys of enemy
Did not take off their turbans disrespectfully
Illusions of domination
Nails stuck in their forehands
And they chopped poor brains
Then beheaded heads of enemies
And affixed on the lord's stakes
Bloody justice of Drakos
Thousands of sacrifices and aristocrats impaled
They implored to die
But they were in punishment of darkness
Dark impaler was killing them slowly
Souls of god suffocating in seas of pain

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