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Heaven 17 - Low society lyrics

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Low society by Heaven 17

A judge a dentist or physician
In this low society
Trade ambition for position
In this low society
Have you heard it's in the stars
Next July we collide with Mars
Have you heard it in the bars
In this low society
No more pay and lots of leisure
In this low society
Low society
I'm just doing what I can
In this low society
But I'm an incidental man
In this low society
I give away what others sell
The secret's yours so never tell
'Cos if you do you'll go to hell
Low society
Side by side and always tired
All for one and no-one hired
All that's left is love inspired
Low society
And when the party is complete
And you're still standing on your feet
The taste of victory is sweet
Low society
And darling don't forget
In this low society
To turn off your T.V. set
In this low society
The most important thing at all
In this low society
Is not to stand too tall
In this low society
In this world that never learns
I can see Rome as it burns
All the passion and the power
Turns to ash within an hour
No more play and no more pleasure
In this low society

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