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Hayden Panettiere - Good Friends lyrics

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Good Friends by Hayden Panettiere

We used to run around skippin' school and drinkin' beer
One drink and the good lord would get us out of here
But now those days are gone, and everything has changed
It's all been turned around, everybody's rearranged
Hey, hey, where did all my good friends go
Maybe someplace far away
Where did all my good friends go
Well doug he went to prison for sellin' all his pot
And rick's in california bein' somethin' that he's not
And rob he went to law school, we're all glad he did
But eveytime I call I end up talking to his kid
Repeat chorus
Well bo he joined the navy, to run around and drink
But they finally let him go, after six months in the brink
And rich he went to college, he's workin' night and day
He's been there almost 9 years, but he'll get out someday
Repeat chorus
And I understand, that people they change
Grow up and move away
But oh how I wish, oh how I wish, that all my good friends...
Could be here today
Repeat chorus
But jimmy got a real job, workin' nine to five
Every once in a while I call him, make sure he's still alive
And mikey took some time, and found out he way gay
I didn't have the heart to tell him that we all knew anyway
Repeat chorus
Where did all my
Good friends

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