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Happy Campers - Romeo and Juliet lyrics

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Romeo and Juliet by Happy Campers

Born without a chance in hell
condemned from the womb
on a one way trip
destination: an early tomb
two kids from the hood
two numbers on a chart
she didn't finish high school
he didn't even start
mommy got herself pregnant
to keep him around
but daddy left anyway
and she's findin' out what single motherhood is all about
the statistics are frightening
hte odds are stifling
you may not like what you hear
offspring's of the have nots
and even less
a world of anarchy is here
and we're told we have nothing to fear
a few years later
mom and son don't have a place to rest thier head
while daddy rots in San Quentin
with free room and bed
mommy O.D.'s in an empty garbage bin
and her son's picture's on an empty milk carton
while the politicians play with thier million dollar toys
we're losing handfuls of little girls and little boys

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