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Hank Williams - No, not now lyrics

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No, not now by Hank Williams

Writer/s hank williams-mel foree-curly williams (no relation to hank)
Key of e
(e) took my gal to the picture show, just the other (b7) day,
But (e) when i tried to (a) hold her hand,
Here's (b7) what she had to (e) say.
No not (a) now, (no not now), no not (e) now, (no not now),
No not (b7) now, but maybe next week some - (e) how.
Walked my gal home to the door, and asked her for a kiss,
But she quickly turned away, and then she told me this.
Repeat chorus
I asked my gal to marry me, reckon what she said,
She said i wouldn't marry you, if all the rest were dead.
Repeat chorus
But she went and changed her mind, how i regret that day,
'cause every since i married her, here's all that she can say.
(spoken) ( you guessed it! )
Repeat chorus
I stayed out too late last night, on a little spree,
And when i asked her to let me in, here's all she said to me.
(spoken) ( here's what she said )
Repeat chorus

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