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Hammers Of Misfortune - An Oath Sworn In Hell lyrics

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An Oath Sworn In Hell by Hammers Of Misfortune

Long I have journeyed and far I have roamed
Weary of searching, I rest by a stone
Then without warning the earth swallowed me
Falling through blackness forever it seemed
Where is this I find myself now?
I hear a voice, familiar somehow...
"Come hither, Come hither"
The voice cries to me
Blind in the darkness then what do I see?
The vision of my dream
Floating in liquid flame
Silently beckons me
Across this hellish plain
With dragon's wings she stands
Blood-thirsty ax in hand.
What Brings you to this deathly land?
What do you seek in the land of the damned?
Searching and Searching I finally find
Give me the Ax and let vengeance be mine!
Make me a promise and so it shall be
Swear on your life-blood and so it shall be
Strike me a bargain you cannot betray
Then you may have it and take it away
We'll meet again and you'll do what I ask
Anything I wish no matter the task
This fire that burns inside
It must be satisfied
Burns me to sleep at night
Burns me at dawn's first light
This oath I take and swear
Then let the king beware

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