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Half Man Half Biscuit - Trumpton Riots lyrics

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Trumpton Riots by Half Man Half Biscuit

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Unemployments rising
In the chigley end of town.
And it's speading like pneumonia;
Doesn't look like going down.
There's trouble at the fire station;
Someone's head to sack.
And the lads with homes and the larger schemes
Get rid of Captain Black.
Tell B. C. McGarry
To get himself a mate.
And Ahmed tells the C. S. Gas
They're gonna be out late.
{? Will has had cankers forming in ?} since 1966.
And throws subversions in the air
The shape of flying bricks!
Someone get a message through
To Captain Snow
That they better start assembling
The boys from the Balzac.
Keep Mrs. Honeyman right out of sight,
'Cause there's gonna be riot
Down in Trumpton Tonight.
All this aristocracy
Has really got to stop.
We could overthrow the surgery
And kidnap Doctor {? Muff! ?}
And {? ?? ?? ?? ?} the Socialist
Who stormed the market square
And make plans to assasinate
Our autographic mayor!
Winding militant leaders
{? Bypass Congress ?} into war
With {? ?? ?? ?? ?} and {? ?? ?? ?? ?}
They smash the town hall door.
But Snorty and the boys arrive
With one by air-strike ???
?? ??? ??? they bring about
A military coup.
Chorus x 2

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