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Gwyllion - Strings Of Fate lyrics

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Strings Of Fate by Gwyllion

Silent the vacuum of time claims all our souls but one
Guild of thieves, master of mages, no-one hears the call
Louder than the one before the greatest king proclaims
Still the lubricant of Toki prophesies the fall
The gods call out to find a hero
Will he find out the new tomorrow?
For now, I bleed
My destiny
Shall I succeed
Will I be freed?
The never, forever,
Desires more
My body, is mourning
But I keep trying
This is not what I felt
In my mind I am free
This is not goodbye
This is my quest, but no-one knows
If I will do what I'm supposed to
The great walls of time and space are closing everywhere
There on the highway to nothing no-one seems to care
Where can I stay
This mournful day?
Whom can I pray
What's there to say?
Evermore the days are counting selfless suicide
Never will the gods be ready for the genocide
Towards our fate we run together
Forever denying the never
Surrounding us
Memories will keep the greatest
Alive in our minds, in our thoughts
Surrounding us

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