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GWAR - Slutman city lyrics

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Slutman city by GWAR

I have traveled many miles and I have wiped away many smiles
I've come from my icy pit just to rub your face in sh*t
sl*tman city - life without shame
sl*tman city - so much flesh to maim!
We grant you sweet release from your useless life
Of your heart I'll have a piece impaled on my knife
Your world to rape, your life sucked dry
The purity of wisdom, a withered husk, flies thrive
Human race now rules the earth, but I tell you you're not the first
Your cities built on corpses, you best beware
Your towers will crumble as did theirs!
sl*tman city - pimples on my butt
sl*tman city - bestial necrophiliac's busting nuts
Your world is doomed, you wonder why
You bleed her daily and now flies thrive
You wanna do drugs? own expensive rugs?
With much aplomb - you'll watch me rape your mom
Tattered millions bathe in hate
Tons of junk and crack to take!!
Teenage girls to eviscerate -
Gorged out eyeballs, gonna vomit on your plate
sl*tman city!
sl*tman city!!
We masturbate and we create
The human race, the spawn of apes
We rape and kill, until we're done
You ask me why - Ha! Ha!
Because it's fun

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