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GWAR - F#Cking An Animal lyrics

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F#Cking An Animal by GWAR

f**kin' an animal!
f**kin' an animal
Holdin' on the horn
f**kin' an animal
I'm involved with porn
f**kin' an animal
Sure is nice and warm in here
In my animal
Drinkin' 50 beers
f**kin' an animal
Blowin' 50 steers
f**kin' an animal
Oh, I'm a f**kin' queer
f**kin' an animal
Didn't need
to take her on a date
Just had
To stand here on a crate
No talking, no torment
No long term commitment
just me and my animal
getting my dick bent
Oh animal
Lovely animal
Didn't have to say please
f**kin' an animal
With Legionare's disease
f**kin' an animal
Damn hard on the knees!
f**kin' an animal
Animal f**ker on the loose
f**kin' an animal
I'll go from dog to goose
f**kin' an animal
One time I f**ked a moose
f**kin' an animal
Now the animal's in pain
It's in pain, it's in pain, it's in pain
Terrible Pain!
But now
It starts
To rain
But I'm still
The same
Meet my animal
oh animal
Oh Animal, animal, animal, animal
Not proud of what I do
f**kin' an animal
I had a great time at the zoo
f**kin' an animal
Cause you
Won't let me
I'm not willing to spend any more time on that song.

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