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Guy - Tellin Me No lyrics

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Tellin Me No by Guy

Yo, whassup?
Miss me?
I miss you
Tellin' me no
Yo, whassup?
You want me?
I want you
Tellin' me no
Remember what you said
Talking on the phone
Saying little things, freaky little things
Just to turn me on (Turn me on)
But when I try to come by
You have the tendency to wanna freck on me
If no means no then I'll leave you alone
Picture you tellin' me that you really want to get it on
When things get hot, that's when you begin to tease
Can't take it no more, so I'm gonna leave
Why you tellin' me no
Then you're leading me on
Pushing me away
When you know you want some
Make up your mind
I really don't have the time
Been waiting too long
So I gotta move on
I don't think you understand
I'm fed up with your ways
Tired of the games
So find another man
Cuz I'm not the one
Got better things to do
Like being 'bout somebody better than you
Don't play dumb cuz you know the real
Just when I'm about turning things out
Now you know what I feel
So you said you'll act right if I gave you half the chance
When that chance come around you try to play on my head
Why you wanna waste my time
When the same thing's on your mind
You know that I want you
You want me and that's not new
Save me the crazy games
It doesn't have to be this way
Either I'mma get it now
Or get it later
Chorus x3
Whassup, you change your mind
You ready for some of my time
Want me to lay it down the line
Beg for it
Drop to your knees and take it
I know you want it
You done never came back for it

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