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G.u.w.o.p Gang - Go in lyrics

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Go in by G.u.w.o.p Gang

Boy that come wiz ya come and dine that way
Lookin' at my prize like it's time to get payed
Tired to see niggas on they grind, that's taught me to shine
Get mine like I'm runnin' outta time
Wall's full of fame while I try to stack the paper
Blood nigga, all of youz is fake, I salute niggas
Nigga need help to make a pity on his self
Pigeon wash on this nigga, need to make em fake
Put it in a comma before I lose everybody
Bros trappin' hoes, kush turnin' red
b**chy niggas relish cuz you think you hangin' with me
Here come a couple missers, done light a couple swishas
Neva will neva came
I had to worry for it weigh down like an earthquake
So now I move while I rap, your music defected mentally
My niggas ain't persistent?! You a p**sy lil b**ch
I'm a Christian, you just listen, I just be like Jesus singin'
Some b**ches are a-wicked on some muthaf**kin' tooty
My hair long, and my money grown and my weed strong, it's nothing
f**k an icky nigga, smokin' licky sticky
Gettin' head like concussions

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