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Gutter Sirens - Appearances lyrics

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Appearances by Gutter Sirens

Do you remember boundless land
Freedom surrounded us like river when going hand in hand
Simplicity of rainbow colours
Today only memories - maybe you've lost them?
I've seen a large arena with a lion in it's central part
Although it was beaten
Dignity in his heart had hidden
Then on the arena appeared a clown
An artificial smile on face was drawn
He made people laugh
Unconsciously casting tears
Appearances can deceive
The time will come - just believe
Bereft of any worries
Just like heaven
You'll take off masks put on clothes
The wall will ruin drink a toast
Wall you've been building for many years
So many
Try to be open to people's pain
Forget appearances don't perform cheap roles
When you loose do it smiling
Doing it what can you gain?
You may answer it yourself
I have seen a mob immense
Cross among the crowd
The cross was spat though it glittered with the sun
And later in dream I've seen Judas
The expression of fear has on his face
His fear was such a natural case.

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