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Guttermouth - Nraa lyrics

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Nraa by Guttermouth

oh i wanna fight yea fight fight fight fight fight for my constitutional right to party and bear arms
some wars are not worth the fight
but that was 30 years before the beasties told me
now they don't stand up for their rights
to party degrade women or at least pull out the jammy
(repeat chorus)
its pretty obvious the torch has been past
and I am gonna se it through
with charcoal briquettes victors compliments of jesus
i'll have a beer with my fondue
(repeat chorus)
i gots an ak but i swears that i don'ts rap
i got a drinking problem too
i'm on a crusade please send me a large donation
i'll need a liver transplant soon
(repeat chorus)
fight (x?)
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)

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