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Grimskunk - Psychédelique Wonderdrug lyrics

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Psychédelique Wonderdrug by Grimskunk

The harder you pull, the faster it comes, until you can't stop
The longuer you push, the deeper it goes, until it's too far
The more that you do, the more that you love, the more that you need
To get relief, to feel at ease, please hit me
Because I always want more (x4)
Draggin my feet can't keep the beat, feeling
Caught in the grind, worn dow by time, boxed in
To the routine, the same old thing, repeat
Day in day out and all throught the night
I see the fear and loating in your eyes
All this time you've been wasting away
Round and round, yeah you get around
Are you getting where you're going today
Fields of poppies got you hypnotized
Your mouth is dry, you've got nothing to say
Down the rabbit-hole your body slides
And the ground beneath you is giving way
Love it's so much, can't get enough, come back
Again and again can't wait'il when, I'm back
Painting the scene, having ice-cream and tea
Living the dream, taste sweet-sixteen, I'm free
Got my psychedelique wonderdrug (3x)
Feel the pulse of life intensify
It pulls you in and it take you away
See the colors start to cristallize
And reality is starting to fade
As I walk on by
Thought I might have seen you smillin'
And I don't know why
But I just might miss you darlin
Greet the sunburned sky
As the dreary mist is falling
And I don't know why
As I walk on by
Lift your spirit, come and take a ride
Feel the rush come and take you away
Got my psychedelique wonderdrug (2x)z
And it makes me high(4x)z

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