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Greenhouse Effect - Six Feet Under lyrics

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Six Feet Under by Greenhouse Effect

I'm no angel
Now, this I admit
But when it comes down to music
I don't deal
With shit
It's not that you're good
It's just who ya' know
And when it comes down to licks...
They're just there for show!
No mans' an island
Is what I've been told
Time it flies (or of life)
God... I'm not sure I'm sold!
If I sound angry
I guess it's starting to show
'Just find me a snake
An' I'll charm it ya know
The world needs a colar to protect it from fleas!
'I guess it's just suffering from pop music disease
Wheres my true idol?
... when I need one the most?
Surf with the alien
Please be my host
'Just wanna look up to President Clay? (or praise and acclaim?)
'who cares about faces
' Can't remember yer name!
Conform to make it
Don't live in a hay (unintellidgable)
Change my lifestyle?
Crime never pays!
In this business of fortune and fame
'Dye your hair
And they change your name
If you're smart
Then you'll see for long
If not; Too bad!
Cause I'll steal your song!
Who the hell signed you?
What is his name?
It's people like that
'who are directly to blame!
The soul of the business is entrusted in you
I still can't believe it
Nonetheless... it IS true
We're caught in the middle
God help us please
Save me from catching pop music disease!
If I sound angry...
Who are you fooling?
Get out of those clothes
Your tunes are so useless
Believe me... it shows
You've made the club scene
What it is today
If I could get a word in
Believe me,... you'll pay
If Hendrix were alive to see you play
He'd probobly say "No,... Six feet under I'll stay!"
In this business...
We're caught in the middle
God help us please!
Save us from catching...
Pop music disease

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