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Gravediggaz - Draken's Comment To 'thousand Swords' lyrics

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Draken's Comment To 'thousand Swords' by Gravediggaz

"I am Darken, black druid of darkness and warrior of the new aeon...
I surround myself by blackness, because I wage war in the name of
My land... in the name of my gods... war with christianity, war
With false good and mercy which came from the foreign land and
Conquered our country. They were all talking about love, pardon,
They were lying! They called our gods devils! They burnt the woods...
They burnt our temples. They brought manslaughter and plague
In the name of what? In the name of god, who was a man!
All my brothers and sisters, sages and kings died defending their
Fatherland and it's true gods. Christianity burnt our temples and
Replaced them with their miserable cowsheds! possessed christians
Baptized our lands, forests, rivers and people!
They banished the spirits of our fatherland, who lived here from the
Beginning!!! They opened our land for foreigners who mixed blood!
My hate and belief gives me the power... gods stand on my side,
Because I believe in the spirits of my ancestors, ...blackness is the
Only colour of my garments, because I made the alliance with darkness
For this war. I hate, and hate gives me the power... Once upon a time,
I was dreaming about thousand swords... fire reached the sky, and
Black smoke covered the sun... I wanted to rink some water from the
River, but there was only blood in the river! The earth trembled,
Far from me kettle drums and war horns resounded...
One sword to behead the white ruler sitting on the white throne
In the vatican. One sword for the ruler who will come and unite us
Under thesign of the cross with broken arms. Eleven swords to behead
Eleven lords and rulers of the land united under the blue banner.
One sword to revenge my brothers, who died from the hands of the
Christian hangmen. Hundred swords to defend our southern boundaries
Against black plague and half moon. One sword for me to let me
Bravely defend my stronghold, and may I call this sword,
"desaster of christians" soon.

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