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Gorilla Zoe - Space Swagg lyrics

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Space Swagg by Gorilla Zoe

It's your boy Rave Right, got my big hunter Gorilla Zoe here right
Ya know we done seen some ups and downs right Zoe
Haha, what we tell em?
I wake up every morning like "I can't be from this place"
Nobody here like me, man my swag is outa space
Inside of here, in the air
I am not from this atmosphere
And you can go I'll take you there
You can ride in my?
Then we can roooll (can grooow)
We can go, we can hit the road (yeah we can grooow x2)
We can go, we can hit the road
[Verse 1]
Sometimes I feel strange like I ain't in the same
Like I might me just trippy though I'm not use to this thang
Like sip that, get it right, stab once, stab twice
Still tryin' can't give up momma told me "Sunday's life"
Front my pass to my friends and I done seen accomplishments
Got it down to black and white, evidence and document
Don't judge me by character, this thing don't mean a thing to me
Money calls host, respect the only thing to me
Imma keep grindin' long as I have the ability
So much potential, increased capability
Had 30 cash now my money gone legitimate
Cheated on my girl now I'm feeling like an idiot
Don't state the same beat, fan base killin' me
He say, she say, false rumors killin' me
Tip toed stress free
The devil tryin to test me
Throw em out the way I'm goin' top where the best be
[Verse 2]
So sick of negativity when positive I try to be
And I don't need a Bentley for a model to acknowledge me
Quit ground writers, bite my style tryin to copy me
Do everything they can to bring me down but ain't no stoppin' me
See me on my pole vault tryin to get some property
Bad box money, rotten tease no monopoly
Paper works great, got the game in the pin and fold
This up and down shit got me lost like Gorilla Zoe
Rich I thought I'd never be success I thought I'd never see
So every time I'm in the booth I gotta spit the best in me
Haters show jealousy, face expressions tellin' me
Kick it in the hood with Mr. Meaners and the felonies
Lyrics so hot, god gave me a gift
On the road, do a show yeah me a whip
Young rapper, Jug Man, keep it A-V-E
Can't forget my partner then Block ENT

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