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Good Charlotte - Ghost of you lyrics

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Ghost of you by Good Charlotte

I will wait until the end
When the pendulum will swing back to the
Darker side of our hearts bleeding
I will save this empty space
Next to me like it's a grave
Where I lay a place for us to sleep eternally together
I am there
Searching for
Traces of
What we were
The ghost of you
Is all that I have left
It's all that I have left of you
To hold
I wake in the night to find
There's no one there but me
And nothing left of what we were at all...
So here I am
Pacing around this house again
With pictures of us living
On these walls
I see my breath in the cold of the air that I breathe and I'm wondering
I'm wondering if it's you that I feel
If it's you that I feel here haunting me forever
And I'm not looking for
Anything but us
Anything but what we were
And I'm not asking for
Painted memories
I only want to know you're here
[chorus] x2

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