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Godley And Creme - Mugshots lyrics

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Mugshots by Godley And Creme

Mugshots, mugshots. Mugshots, mugshots.
I was just a lonely boy. Every day a different toy. I fell in love with
Hubcap Jenny. And she fell in love with me. She taught me how to steal a
Car. And sling a brick. She taught me what the coppers are and how and
Where to kick 'em.
Mugshots. I'm taking her advice.
Mugshots. 'Cos Hubcap Jenny's nice.
I was just an only child, running free and running wild.
But I stole one hubcap too many. And the law came down on me. They taught
Me how to give salutes. And take some stick, to know the sound of
Policeman's boots.
And now and then to lick 'em. They taught me how to sleep at night In the
Lion's den. Forget about the dynamite. And dream of Hubcap Jenny Shoot 'em
In black and white. Bring me the prints tonight. I know, you know there's a
Mug in the shot!
Mugshots "Where were you on the night in question?"
Mugshots "I was home in bed M'Lord" Mugshots "I submit that last
Suggestion" Mugshots "Puts him in contempt of court" Mugshots "I'd give you
Proof but there isn't any"
Mugshots "And there my lord I rest my case"
Mugshots "There's no such girl as Hubcap Jenny"
Mugshots "We have no record of her face in the mugshots" Shoot 'em in black
And white. Bring me the prints tonight. I know you
Know there's a mug in the shot!
Give me a hint of style. Give me "The Kray Profile" I know you know
There's a mug in the shot!

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