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Godhate - Sardonic wrath lyrics

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Sardonic wrath by Godhate

Rise age of darkness, against the false
Charity ways are now dead, behold this of which I speak
Give praise to the evil enshrined, arise the seventh gate
From the triumph of death our king of kings & saviour appears
I renounce jesus christ
As I deny heavens kingdom
With sardonic wrath
Heaven denied
Christians eternally damned
Forgiveness- FORNEVER
Satisfied in blasphemy of your god
His splendour and his saving
is dead
Jesus look upon your cross
From heaven behold when I tread on your �heart of gold�
Nailed on the crucifix
Nobodys sin he has taken
Nobodys life ressurected
Blessed is the defier...of christ
Christ is defied by a mighty and fatal lord
Clandestine birth of the demigod- to kill the lord in the dawn of death
Nails pierced through his flesh, screaming in suffering divine
If he´ll come to stand before me, no resist to kill him once again
Burning heaven burning gold, burn their jesus, burn...
Father satan
04.40 9:e dec./ by Tony Freed

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