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Goat Of Mendes - Witchfires lyrics

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Witchfires by Goat Of Mendes

The gruesome stench of sizzling flesh
The horrid fate of death by fire
Heretic sins reduced to ash
In the name of misled desires
They purge for God's own sake
Salvation at the stake
Self-proclaimed saviours stoke the cleansing fires
Gaze upon the witchfires
Watch the blazing witchfires
Don't forget the witchfires
Remembrance on those who died
The ugly and the beautiful
In Gods own eyes they are the same
Condemned to die a death so cruel
Proved guilty of acts most blaspheme'
Suffer for the Lord
Obey and hear his word
No witch or warlock shall be left alive!
The wicked acts we have to prove
Are written in those sinner's eyes
In torture they'll confess the truth
For one in pain can't think of lies
Renounce what you had been
Then we'll forgive your sins
By burning you'll be saved from the hellish fires
Recall their names, an endless list
Who're murdered in the name of God
Women once fair burnt to a crisp
For pious man may not spill blood
Tortured, drawn and tied
Mercy was denied
Which devil could outdo, what the Church had done?
The cross of mercy has turned red
From countless graves it's victims cry
For 'true' beliefs thousand lie dead
Below the ground charred bodies lie
Brothers from the past
Revenge shall come at last
As winds of vengeance sweep the ashen fields

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