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Goat Of Mendes - The Sabbatic Goat (Blessed Be) lyrics

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The Sabbatic Goat (Blessed Be) by Goat Of Mendes

King of the north and south, the universe is mine
I bear the torch that glows in darkness, I am the astral plane
I am All, I unify what's torn apart
I am the semen, I'm the seed
I am the beacon to your heart
I was known by many names throughout the realms of man
From the scorched sands of Egypt
To the green and lustrous glades of Pan
I am the Horned God, the first and last in line
I am the hand that rocks the cradle since the first days of mankind
Lay down your pride and join the coven
All hail to the Sabbatic Goat
Curved are his horns, his hooves are cloven
All praise to the Sabbatic Goat
His age is wisdom, but wild his temper
Bow to the Sabbatic Goat
May be this night a night to remember
In the gaze of the Sabbatic Goat
Blessed Be
All air and fire
Blessed Be
Lust and desire
Blessed Be
All things that grow
As above, so below
I roam the Wildwoods, Cernunnos is my name
I am the beast in man, raw energy which can't be tamed
Virile and lustful, I renew what dormant lies
I cast the spear of searing fire breaking through the clouded skies
Blessed Be the great Sabbatic Goat

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