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Goat Of Mendes - Pale Prince Of The Ruins lyrics

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Pale Prince Of The Ruins by Goat Of Mendes

Here I stand amongst the ruins
Skin as white as snow in a wolflike face
Red eyes observing
The remains of my once ruling race
I am the Pale Prince of the Fallen
Feeble monarch in a dying age
I am the one to watch it falter
And to remain last actor on the stage
I'm trapped in the eternal struggle
Between the powers of Dark and Light
Sworn to my saviour and my Nemesis
The hellforged runeblade by my side
I am the mightiest of all mortals
But still a puppet in the play
I'm doomed to have no friends, just sorrow
Those I once had my sword has slain
I'm standing at the Dreaming City's gates
Watch the havoc wreaked by me
A piece of art, millenia old
In just a blink of time it has ceased to be
In endless sleep my loved one lies
I curse the dark gods for my bitter fate
The only one life was worth to live for
Has just perished on my hungry blade
They call me the Eternal Hero
But I don't know for whom I fight
Am I a follower of Chaos
Or do I strive for Order's light?
Stormbringer, the widowmaker
Black bladed sword of malignant greed
Devours the souls of my enemies
But those of friends are so much sweeter
Bound by it's powers to grant me strength
I raise it to the careless sky
The gods of Chaos reel in mocking laughter
As they hear my final battlecry
Arioch - Mighty Knight of the Sword
Arioch - Blood and souls for my Lord
Arioch - Born your servant to be
Arioch - And your worst enemy
Chaos had come down upon the earth
By foul Pan-Tangian sorcery
Forests burn, proud cities crumble
Whole kingdoms fall to drown in boiling seas
Amongst the mayhem stands the sole survivor
Of the Melnibonean race
The gods my people served for aeons
Are the same gods I soon will have to face
On the warped landscapes of a dying world
Chaos and Order fight their final stand
I am the last amongst all mortals
Awaiting the time when time will end
My daemonsword ends the existence
Of god or mortal, foe or friend
Finally it shall drink it's last soul
To make mankind be born again

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