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Goat Of Mendes - Ordo Templi Orientis (The Goat Of Mendes) lyrics

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Ordo Templi Orientis (The Goat Of Mendes) by Goat Of Mendes

The desert glows, but howling winds
Announce the night when our feast begins
Stars shine above, their gently light
Hangs like a cloak on the moonless night
I watch my children reap the fruit
Of sensuality, sweet and lewd
Call my temptation incarnate
The Goat of Mendes, Baphomet
Hide from the storm that blows from the west
Freezing the hearts in our bare breasts
Behind a crimson cross they rode
To drown in blood my sunburnt abode
[Jaques de Molay:]
To the land where the crescent stains the sky
We ride forth to bring salvation and the Light
We're the knights of God, Christianity in mind
For Jesu' blood the plague of Heathendom we fight
For our king, for our liege
On fortress walls, we lay siege
For king Philippe and pope Clement
We purge beliefs, unpure and wrong
My children slain without defense
Blood senseless soaks the desert sands
Butchered in the name of the holy light
Which seems to me as dark as night
Knights of the bloodstained Cross
Gaze upon the mindless carnage caused
Call me 'Devil' or 'Great Beast'
But I'm more human than your Christ at least!
A goat haunts my darkest dreams
And speaks of pleasure never seen
God, I can resist no more
Temptation of sin I can't endure
Deny the cross of agony and pain
And be enthralled by my pleasure-filled domain
Lay down your coat of abstinence
Feel ecstasy and indulgence!
Our false god had been finally put aside
Darkness fell wherein we had discovered light
Now we dwell in luxury never seen
Remembrance erased of what we once had been
Baphomet, lustrous Lord
We're the knights of the Goat
Indulge in sins never thought
And spit upon the sign of God
Don't speak of Light where Darkness looms
Black turns to White neath the twin moons!
I'm the One who'd ever been
And I will rule eternally
I'm the hermaphrodite goat
Warlocks' and witches' overlord
To thy mighty oath we're sworn
And deny the loathsome virginborn
We reject humility
And embrace the light of heresy!
[The worldly powers:]
I am the king installed upon the worldly throne
And I am the pope, as heir to Jesus Christ I'm born
Together we succumb to envy, fear and greed
And reap the harvest of the foul heretic's seed
Perish in flames for the blasphemy you'd done
Your ashes in the four winds will be strewn
Nothing remains of you and your unholy halls
But for your gold which shall adorn our palace walls
[The Pagan heirs:]
We are heirs to what the Church wanted to erase
Upright and proud we laugh into your weak god's face
Light becomes Darkness and Dark gives birth to Light
Templars we are and we won't give up the fight!

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