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Giants At Large - Devils Lyrics lyrics

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Devils Lyrics by Giants At Large

The devil looked me in the eyes
And called me by my name
Knowing of the consequence
Denied the deal he's made
What if's running through my head
Distorts my mental frame
He tipped his hat, and big farewell
And said I know that you will come around
So I'll dig deep into my soul
Find a stronger me I used to know
The one who said they'd never give up
The one who said they'd never let...
Clouded head with bad ideas
And dangerous demands
Boredom calls, my greatest fall
The devil finds work for idle hands
I'm just so tired, completely uninspired
I've lost my grip on everything, on everything
And my heart succeeds again
A civil war now with my mind
All the time
And I'm losing it again
Say what you want but
I'll be fine, I'll be fine
Strong confident man
Try not to break character
If no one knows it exists
Then it never happened

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