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Ghost Of A Fallen Age lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Rumors Of The Secret War (2007)

A Critical Proposal
A Poorly Tailored Man-suit
Bad Bug (Zorak)
Because I Got It Like That (Brak & Zorak)
Blocking Brainwaves
Bologna Sandwich
Boo Boo Ba Ba Dee Dee
Brak's Hawaiian Vacation
Brak's Tales Of Suspense
Burger King Song
Call 911
Cartoon Planet Theme
Chocolate Jesus
Clips From Buffy And Angel Episodes
Cranberry Blues
David Letterman
De Der Down
Ding! Fries Are Done
Down To The River
Everybody Wants To Be Space Ghost
Good Night Sweet Girl
Got You Under My Drawers
Hero In His Own Mind
Hero In His Own Mind (Part 2)
Highway 40 (Brak Feat Freddie Prinze Jr.)
I Like Hubcaps
I Love Beans
I Love You Baby
I Love You Baby. (Brak)
I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass (Zorak)
Irrefutable Evidence For A Skeptic (3:15 A.m.)
It's Nothing
It's The Apathy That Calls Them Here
Just What I Needed
Macabre Vow
Mad Brilliant
Magic Toenail
Mashed Potatoes (Brak)
New Man
Ordinary Guy
Put Your Sox On Mama
Rambling And Wandering
Rest In Peace (From The Buffy The Vampire Slayer T
Smell You Later (Zorak)
Smells Like Cartoon Planet
Sounds Like A Personal Problem
Soup On A Stick
The Cancer That Devours My Dreams, And Takes Dominion Over My Nightmares
The Cold Open
The End
The Face Of Neglect
The New 2007 Model Human
The Song That Never Ends (Brak)
The Summit's Burn
Vehicles Shock Me
Water Song (Brak)
We Like Girls
We Wish You A Happy Birthday
What Day Is It?
Yeah Buddy (Brak)
Yearbook (Brak)
Zorak's Blues
Zorak's Helpful Hints

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