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G.B.H. - Too understand lyrics

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Too understand by G.B.H.

I've been guilty too, I ain't so pure,
you get a little bit, you just want more.
Go on destroying what little we got,
two steps forward three steps back.
In this crazy world you get no chances,
no-one bothers with the new dances.
Gotta get on with the pain of living,
don't look for handouts there's none been given.
It's easier to hate than to understand,
it's easier to hate than to understand.
A clenched fist or an open hand,
it's easier to hate than to understand.
Confusion reigns in vicious circles,
too much violence too many hurdles.
Peace of mind isn't much to ask for,
hangs in the air like burnin' sulphur.
There's carrots dangling everwhere,
the price you pay for a livin' nightmare.
The stench of death in every nation,
decay, disillusion and desperation.
.. sanity's just a state of mind

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