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Gay Dad - Saraba (English) lyrics

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Saraba (English) by Gay Dad

A city during peace, today is also perfect Japanese weather.
Black airplane smoke, and the endless sounds of the air-raids.
Is Japan's peace over with this?
The radio and tv show all the victims of foreign countries
Next is myself and a journalist who wouldn't talk
The hypocrite who changed into a different person,
Decidedly said "war can't be helped".
No matter how much the anti-war voices sound they don't reach him Tell me
Why do humans fight each other, when we're all the same?
Peace always spoils people, so modern Japan has gone crazy
The government, police, schools, and families are all hurting each other
Stop fooling around, please stop it, at this rate Japan will rot away
Once long ago, people died for the country without any regrets Those of you living now, remember that someday
Farewell those who have fallen for the country Farewell those who have loved Japan
At this rate, surely no one will change Japan The sun's circle will one day sink that's why
I will sing.
An anti war song I will sing all together.
Until the day that this world overflows with smiles
An anti war song Sound this world.
So that no one hurts each other any more
An anti war song I will sing all together.
And for those who sacrificed their bodies too
An anti war song Sound this world.
Until the day the world overflows with happiness and smiles
Farewell. Those who have thrown away their lives to protect this country, to protect Japan.
I take pride at being born in that same Japan.
You have taught me with your bodies,
War's meaninglessness, sadness, pain, and death.
I won't forget it for my entire life.
Thank you. Farewell, those who have become the wind.
I will protect the sun's circle.

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