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Gay Dad - Katherine In The Trunk lyrics

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Katherine In The Trunk by Gay Dad

Don't run away on your own anymore
You just have to keep depending on me when you're with me
Don't leave me alone anymore
Is it just that I want to depend on you?
Don't run away on your own anymore
I want you to be by my side at least when I want to cry
I'm not alone anymore, right?
Because I can forgive anything when I'm with you
The warm wind is making the candle sway
When the fire disappears I want to disappear too
I pick you up so as to hide my anger
You lick away my tears
Baby, my love... I don't need something that's only physical, like words
My baby,... I love you Katherine
If you're there, that's all I need
Baby, my love... It's okay You're a lot like me
My baby... I need you Katherine
Please only be mine
Only the luke-warm wind and camel ease my loneliness
Only blue eyed Katherine eases my loneliness
Don't run away on your own anymore
Do you hate me now?
Why do you look up at me
And cry with such a sad face?
The warm wind is blows the candle out
The fire went out and you stopped crying
The small body shivering weakly
Only came up to me and slowly collapsed
Baby, my love It's okay Because you were able to meet me
Baby, my love You must be tired Tonight, on my lap
Good night baby I love you Katherine I caress your still warm cheek
Good night baby I won't forget you I'm glad that your end was in front of me
Inside the trunk is blue eyed Katherine
The car horns blow But there was no hesitation
Katherine was very like me and alone
Now I will...

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