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Gathering - In Between lyrics

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In Between by Gathering

We ride along the great riverside
Ever so wide
The giver of clarity
She will be wise enough
To make us understand
The moment we reach heavenly land
Heavenly, heavenly
We focus on we follow faithfully
Faithfully, faithfully
Slowly and surely we'll find our way
The ever present unexpected life is
All that we wanted
All that we choose to lead
We will rise and fall
And all the chances in between
I try to move you to open up your mind
These barren city grounds
Make you never look behind
One day you'll be wise enough
And you will understand
The moment you reach heavenly land
Strong winds on desert ground
Release the tendency
And hold it like a cloud
Enlightened and breezy
Hence the strain it brings
If only we understand
Strong winds on desert ground
Foresee our lives

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