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Gamma Ray - Track Comments to Somewhere out in Space lyrics

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Track Comments to Somewhere out in Space by Gamma Ray

"Beyond The Black Hole"
Pure science fiction. imagine the adventure of diving
into one of those black holes, must be pretty exciting.
"Men, Martians And Machines"
so, if "martians" had been coming to earth
in mighty machines, because their planet
was wasted, mybe we will be the next marsians,
one day conquering another planet.
it might be a turning circle.
"No Stranger (Another Day In Life)"
about the strength you can get when you know
yourself, and the try to put your power into the
good things every day.
"Somewhere Out In Space"
inspired by startrek, the old series, about
someone freaking out on his intergalactical
"The Guardians Of Mankind"
The story is about the conscience of mankind
represented as celestial guardians preserving
the balance between good and bad.
"The Landing"
a war of the worldslike accoustic picture
of an alien fleet above the earth.
no guitars on this one, only basses.
"Valley Of the Kings"
about the thought, that the ancient gods were
visitors from somewhere in the galaxy,
putting their children into some kind of deep freeze sleep,
after implanting the basis for our
human intelligence into our early ancestors.
one of them awakening in these days,
being used to be seen as a god,
trying to get information from his parents
about what is going on and what will come up next,
expressing the will to return to the old status.
sometimes, hope is only in the unseen.
"The Winged Horse"
A tale in the circle of oppression and resistance
that cannot be broken if you force freedom.
"Cosmic Chaos"
Drums from outer space
"Lost In The Future"
does our highspeed, hightech development really
make things better or easier or are we just forced
to run and struggle even more?
"Watcher In The Sky"
...part of the Iron Savior story to be heard on
the album Iron Savior, about a robot defense machine
with a human brain built in atlantis 350.000 years ago.
"Rising Star"
the earth in the youngest days, and the name of
a huge spaceship built by a race from a
very distant planet where survival became
impossible due to the non-concious mistreatment of the envirement.
"Shine On"
all hopes for the survival of the race are put
into a voyage to a distant planet they called earth,
that has just been born.
the voyage will last through many generations,
so when finally they will arrive, earth will
provide perfect conditions.
"Return To Fantasy"
one of the best heep songs covered by gamma ray

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