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Game - Just a lil bit (g-unot remix) lyrics

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Just a lil bit (g-unot remix) by Game

(50 cent talkin)
I'm crazy
b**ches hungry 4 yo sh*t just a lil bit
Niggas hungry 4 yo sh*t just a lil bit
The hood hungry 4 yo sh*t just a lil bit
Stop yo singing lets get back 2 some killha sh*t
Step up in the club they like who u wit
I'm signed wit Dr. Dre no G-Unit
Red rag in my pocket feeling old school
U 4got how this, i'm show u
I'm a gangsta i do want to
Ur time is up nigga i done warned u
U got the police wit u nigga, don't trip
I got a box o donuhts and a whole clique
When it's time 4 beef he get is drink on
Animal rights there killim wit the mink on
I'm kick it by ya car till it's time 2 go
And i won't leave da scene till the police show
Remeber 50 cumin out yo stereo
He sounded gangsta till he switched his flow
How many times i tryed to hit the smoke
Stop lying 2 da people, u don't twist the droe
My teck, it spit, my clip is long
And the Bloods & Crypts is on u dog
They heard that u a hoe
Got G-Unit airbrushed on ya toe
I bring the pump in the club cause i'm heard main
And i do rap songs all the time main
U the summer jam? i turned it out
But Kanye & Jov killed, did wit out a doubt
The rat came out dancen like pro man
Punched him in the face the crowd was like man
4 months ago i was yellin G-Unit
Till i found the nigga 5-0 is a snitch
Scott Skorch!!
Scott Skorch!!
Scott Skorch!!
Scott i mean Scott Ski sk
(50 Slowed down)
It's Scott Storch u dumbass b**ch
S-T-O-R-C-H, Storch muthaf**ka! Storch
Learn how 2 talk u f**king b**ch
It's that muthaf**kin hole in ur jaw huh?
"Scott Skorch"
Learn how 2 say a nigga name u dumbass faggot
Don't even know how 2 talk
And that's the reason

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