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Game - Face Of L.a. lyrics

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Face Of L.a. by Game

I Thought I Leave U Niggas Wit A Lil Sumthin To Play Wit While I Finish My f**kin Album Every Body Wants To No When The f**k My Album Comin Out
When Ever The f**k I Drop It Wait...
Here The Breakdown Before I Tell Yall Who I Be I Gotta Say Proof R.I.P Thats For Em The 40 Oz Spillin Thats For Him I Got The System In The Bently On Blast For Him I Go Bananas Like Plastic Timbs And My Lyrics Go Over A Niggas Head Like A New Era Brim And I Bang Like A New Era Brim Translation A Brim Is A Blood Like Me A Mac 10 Any Nigga Want The Drama I Reach For The Mac 10 Make The 50 Cap Spin Till It Peel Back Skin Eazy Baby U Dont Wanna Belive Me Baby Yeeeeaahh Like Jeezy Baby L.A On My Face The Logo From The Dodger Brim Im The Face Of L.A U Gunna See Alot Him The Niggaz Behind Me U Gunna See Alot Them Enough Niggaz Behind Me To Fill Up Every Room At The Ramada Inn A And R's At The Label Like Not Again Every Time We Put A Nigga Out Game Slaughter Them Catch U In The Alley Wut U Gunna Do Wit Out Yo Man Feel Like Im Bishop Standin Over Radamans U Niggaz b**ches Throwin Rocks Then Hide Ya Hands Till I Chew Yo Ass Up Like Flinstone Vitimans I Smell Pussy Somebody Let The Cats Loose Im The Drama King U Think I Found Papoose Whos Next To Put On The Rat Suit I f**k Em Doggy Style U Can Go Ask Snoop While I Bump This Mobb Deep In The Caddilac Coupe Haha Nah I Really Like Track Numba 2 So I Put A 100 Bars On It U Couldnt Make My Freestyle Whack If U Put Chico Debarg On It Im So Hard Homie I Swear To God Homie 50 Cent Still Bet His f**kin Black Card On Me Be Kool Cuz When The Heats Drew The Hollow Tips Will f**k Up Yo Stomach Like Seafood My Niggaz Hungry When They Look At U They See Food Give Up Or I See U In The Icu Wit A Bed And Sum Iv's To Nursery Teachin Yo Ass How To Chew f**k This Rap sh*t Nigga I Got A Shoe The Next Colour On The Shelf Is North Carolina Blue Im Gettin Married She From North Carolina Too But U Wont Catch Me In The North Carolina Blue If U See Me In Riley Jus Slidin Threw Throw Ur Rags In The Air Like North Carolinens Do Be4 U Run Up Think About Wut Ur Tryin To Do Cuz The 12 Gauge Eat Niggas Like Parinah Food On My Son I Push Yo Head Backwords Cuz Ill Never Ever Be The Next Dead Rapper Id Rather Be Alive Pushin Sum 2008 sh*t Cuz U Gotta Be Dead In A Box To Be Sum Bodys Favorite Im Not Sayin Im About To Go Where Mase Went But U Wont Find Me Upside Down On The Pavement Im Behind The Desk On Sum Jay sh*t Sum Niggaz Dont Want Me To Shine Can U Say Snitch Black Wall Street Niggaz Come Out And Spray sh*t Ak Spit Give That Mayback A Face Lift
Now Back To The Basics My Flow So Amazin If This Was 88 And I Could Rap I Would Weigh U Out Like A6 Weigh U Out Like That Ugly Ass Bay sh*t Funny Ass Jackets Got The Hood On Sum Gay sh*t The Look Like Nikes Wit Stars On Em Face It The Whole World Blind Errbody On The Race sh*t Roll A Blunt And Get Higher Then A Space sh*t Touch The Sky Nigga Im On That Kayne sh*t Back In The Day I Used To Bump Jazzo Run Up On U Take Yo Money And Yo Skateboard I Was A a**hole Now I Blast 4 Leave Him On The Grass Swole Kickin And Pushin Like Lupe Fiasco I Got A Jab Like Floyd Even Sab No Try To Play The Game Get Punched Up Like Glass Joe Hip Hop Cops On My Dick Hit The Ave Slow Mad Cuz I Get Love In New York Like Dimaggio Brooklyn Niggaz Say Im Nuts Like Pistachios See Me In The 64 Wonder Why The Ass Is Low I Got The Bricks In It That Real Yayo That Tony Montana Drop The sh*t Off The Pedro I Buy Guns But The Tons Bullets By The Case Load We Can Find Osama When I Say So I Got Niggaz Flyin In From San Deigo Thatll Smoke The Town Turn It Into Wako Come Through Give Yo Whole Hood A Make Over Sit On The Block In The Bullet Proof Range Rover Make U Fade To Black And I Aint Hova Think About That Be4 U Say The Game Over
U No I Usually Talk Alotta sh*t At The End Of My Mutha f**kin Freestyles But They Aint Nobody Else Left To Beef Wit....One

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