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Gaither Drake - After The Fire lyrics

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After The Fire by Gaither Drake

Top of the ridgeline glowing
They say the flames are on the way
Should I stay or should I be going?
Can I wait another day?
So many places that I have to be
So many people that I'd like to see
When the fire comes over the mountain
When the smoke comes over the hill
Will there be a place to come home to
After the fire
Cinders falling from the ceiling
Coughing from the smoke that's in the air
Thinking maybe I should be kneeling
Bow my head and say a prayer
Are we ever gonna get some rain?
Will I ever see my friends again?
How you gonna keep it together?
How you gonna get through the pain?
Will the fear be with you forever?
After the fire
Then the call came to evacuate
Some got out, but for others, it was far too late
Everyone running for cover
No more time to get away
Grab the kids and call your lover
Try to find a place that you can stay
As the burning embers rise into the night
No one's ever seen such a dreadful sight
No one heeded the warning
Never thought it'd happen to you
Will there ever be another blue morning
After the fire

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