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Gaia Epicus - Masters of the sea lyrics

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Masters of the sea by Gaia Epicus

A long, long time ago
In a land of ice and snow
The legend of our people was born
Be ware of the mighty sword
Obey Thor the thunder god
To Valhalla we go when we die
Row! Row! Out to the sea
Row! Row! We're off to see the world
Row! Row! Odin be our guide
Row! Row! You cannot break our pride
Oh oh oh... Oh oh oh
The fire in our hearts can burn right through your soul
Take my life but you can't take my fire
Out here on the ocean you don't stand a chance when you see
The masters of the sea
Set sail in the morning sun
When the wind and the tide is right
For days they could stay on the sea
The North Star they used to navigate
In Gods they would keep their fate
They where travelers of the world

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