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Froggy Mix - Here Comes Santa's Pussy lyrics

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Here Comes Santa's Pussy by Froggy Mix

Rudy and Santa
Are we on, baby?
Oh, yeah
Here comes Santa's pussy strolling down the lane
Here comes Santa's pussy that cat he sure is crazy man
Here comes Santa's pussy he's taking the candy cane up
The reindeer, oh yeah
Here comes Santa's little helper boy
Here comes Santa's pussy the boy is overjoyed
There goes Santa's reindeer and who's with him now, boys,
Yeah the boys
Oh, once in a while when Mrs... Claus she goes away, oh
Well the presents come out Santa comes out
He's got his crazy candy cane
He puts that little white beard
He finds it right up the poop chute train
Well the boys there they go up Santa's nose
What's he got there? only Santa knows
But oh, Santa's pussy that's where the boys like to play
Whenever he's in town
Oh, Santa's such a funny clown when you get down to it
He's just a Gacy, there's a little Gacy in all of us
Santa's pretty tough with his pussy cunt
Here comes Santa's pussy comin' down Santa Claus lane
I said here comes I said here comes Santa's pussy
Down Santa Claus pussy lane

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