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Friends Of Emmet - Restless lyrics

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Restless by Friends Of Emmet

Hold on, hold on she says,
What's going down here? Can't you see?
So much time.
So many memories.
But the feelings gone between you and me.
Now she's restless
Restless like me
Verse 2.
We can't rewind the movie now
Can't freeze frame the screen.
Turn back time to watch our favorite scenes.
I guess sooner or later we just must face the fact.
That our favourite scenes just won't be coming back
Now she's restless
Restless like me
Restless just like me
I guess all our mistakes should be left in the past
She said look to the future honey
No don't look back.
When time it has healed us and filled all those cracks.
We can still be friends.
After the fact.
She's living in another world
Takin a little time
Singing another song
Running from me blind
Living another future
Lookin for a sign
Standing on the corner
Of another state of mind

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