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Frente! lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Shape (1996)

Lyrics for album: Marvin the Album (1994)

Lyrics for album: Labour Of Love

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Lyrics for album: Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits

(That's) Just Not Legal
60, Beautiful, Mine
Albino Holiday
All Hail The Weekend
All The Kids
All The Kids Are Having Kids
Bag Of Bucks
Be Still My Beating Off
Ben (Secret Track)
Big Brother
Big Paranoia
Brian's Problems
Bronze For 'Straya
Caps Lock
Coming Home
Constable Care
Cruelty To Animals
Do You Wanna Fight Me
Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down
Don't Shoot The Guests
Don't Speak
Don't Talk To Me
Don't Touch The Rabbit
Dr. Lindeman's Adventure Family Theme Park World
Drugged By The Cops
Find Your Own Way Home
Forever Malcolm Young
Genitals Are Funny
Get In The Van
Get In The Van (Track On Cd-Rhomb)
Get Off
Go Frenzal Go
Goon Wolf
Graham 'abo' Henry
Guns Don't Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Ducklings)
Hate Is Not A Family Value
Here Today Gone Late Today
Hippy Song
Holiday Not Vacation
Home And Away
Home Made Video
Human Excreta
I Don't Need Your Loving
I Don't Need Your Loving (All I Need Is A Spinal Operation)
I Hate My Brain
I Know Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct...
I Went Out With A Hippy And Know I Love Everyone
I'm The Problem With Society
Kaan Kaant
Lead Poisoned Jean
Let's Drink A Beer
Looking Good
Medicine Balls
Mr Charisma
My Girlfriend's A Man
My Pants Keep Falling Down
Not So Tough Now
Not Your Thyme
Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sun Shine In
Please Go Over There
Predickle Me This
Punch In The Face
Put It Down
Red Wine And Altar Boys
Russell Crowe's Band
Self Destructor
She's Not Happy
Sick And Tired
Sodom The Clown
Stand Up
Stand Up & Be Cunted
Suburban Male
Thanks For Nothing
The Ballad Of Tim Webster
The People At No. 60...
The Writing's On The Wall
Uncle Ken
Urban Myth
War [album Version]
We're Going Out Tonight
Wha' Happened?
When Will I See You At The Icu?
Who'd Be A Cop?
Why Aren't You Dead
Wish You Were There
Wrong Is Right
You Are A Knob
You Need A Friend
You'll Go To Jail
You're O.K.

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