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Frederick Roussel - Republican Convention Speech lyrics

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Republican Convention Speech by Frederick Roussel

If you're left behind baby
Some get left behind but baby
Some get left behind
But the gap's so big nananananana
The gap's so big baby rich and poor
Some get left behind what's more
I don't care if you're left behind
What's mine is mine
And what's yours is yours
You drop your jaws
To see me say
Baby the rich don't like to play
That's a game you play
You procrastinate
But baby what you really wanna do is
Have it your way
Take my wealth
To your house
And give it away
Aww, just to give it away
And see what happens (police state! )
Police state! It's a police state if you
Just give my money away
Suck on that you little
Do gooders and little
Good ones
And you think that you got all the answers
Yes I'm really I'm sure you know
You're 21 you DO know
Of course you know, you baby you know
I said the same
I never said the same
When I was your age
Uh, come on
Come on
You just want to get the wealth and spread it around
What's gonna happen, when it all comes down?
Get a fuckin strong man to look after you
You're gonna need Stalin, I know that you don't want to
Believe that it could happen baby but I've seen worse
We're tryin to fight the Russians, but you were there first
Bein a Russian baby in a cowboy hat
You feel like you're Stalin baby and that''s that
Stalin was a good guy but if you asked someone
They would have told a little different, uh, version
Che Guevara he did some good things
He grew a long beard baby
And that's it
Che Guevara, he did some good things
Can you think of anything?
He didn't stand for much
He didn't do much
He didn't stand for much
He didn't do much
This is Roussel Radio broadcasting

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