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FlipBoy - The World Is Yours (Scarface Dedication) lyrics

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The World Is Yours (Scarface Dedication) by FlipBoy

(Movie sound clip)
Slangin' dope, coke, respest, money & power,
Kill every motha fucka when shit goes sour,
Mess with the wrong boss, what's his name?
(Movie sound clip)
Tony Montana, ye he's the king
Take it fucking easy when u talk to him
(Movie sound clip)
Makin' deal after deal, money is just never enough
No matter who u are, he don't give a fuck
In this game, it's all about who u trust
(Movie sound clip)
If u don't listen, u gon be bleedin' red
And if u don't follow orders, it's a bullet in yo head.
(Movie sound clip)
Better take it seriously when u makin a deal,
'cause he has no time to waste, this shit's real.
(Movie sound clip)
U can be someone else, u can lie bout yoself,
But in real life, lying ain't gon help.
(Movie sound clip)
He rose to the top, he ain't gon stop,
It's not about life, it's all about pride,
It's all bout brains, u won't feel pain,
Earning respect, it's something he expects,
Collecting briefcases full of money,
After a long day, when it got bloody.
(Movie sound clip)
It's a fight til the the end, it's a fight til he dead,
The world would be his, just like he said,
1 guy alone, killing every enemy,
He ain't no import and no refugee,
Show no love, love will get you killed,
Trust yourself, and your dreams will be fulfilled
The guy shootin' with a M203 grenade launcher,
Standin' tall alone, the lonely soldier,
It's the infamous guy, with the scar on his face,
The one who doesn't need to carry a gun around his waist.

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