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Five Star Loser - First Time For Everything lyrics

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First Time For Everything by Five Star Loser

I’m standing in the place we met
Heart shakes, and then I sweat
It’s so hard to see that it’s all over
What did I do to make this end?
And could I really be your friend?
I can barely just pretend it’s over
I’m standing in the place we first kissed
There’s so much I miss
This I can’t resist cause I’m all over
Where we took our first photograph,
And where I first held your hand and laughed
Awkward moments like that have passed, it’s over
You’re fine and I believe it
I’m something you never needed
I can’t say the same for you
But there’s a first time for everything
And I’ll fall in love again
When I begin my second time around
It’s the last time I’ll think of you
You can do what you’d like to do
But if you only knew I’m never coming back
I’m standing in the place we first said goodbye
I don’t know why, I so relied on you for my smile
I laid happiness in your hands
And I don’t really understand
The cost was more than I could stand
It was miles wide
(chorus x 2)

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