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Five Finger Death Punch - Whatchyassworth? lyrics

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Whatchyassworth? by Five Finger Death Punch

Tell me what you're worth 'cause in a burst of flames
Blood stains could frame your body leaving your name in vain
Now tell me what you did you live for more what did you give your
Precious last breath to fetch was it a bid for
Fame and fortune love and appreciation
Or did you die fighting for a brainwashed nation?
Hey son think it through before you get hurt
And look at your life and tell me what it's worth
Whatcha worth boy?
People acting crazy major killings going on
And ain't nobody change 'cause of a song
But I've got to put my two cents in sinc when does the devil
Have your soul on lease taking it piece by piece?
I've tried to see why you wanna boil
Coke and baking soda wrapped up inside of tinfoil
You could roll like me and have a college degree
But I can't talk 'cause you're making all that cash money but see
I roll the streets without a fear and
Bullets will roll through you like beer and
Your warrants they ain't even clear I had to laugh
When the judge gave you a whole jail paragraph instead of a
Sentence they took your fingerprints and now you'r chillin'
As a number for the next ten summers
Now you've got a gang of time to think about your dirt
Look at your life and tell me what it's worth
Time is ticking away days drip through the hourglass
Build for a tomorrow borrow seconds see an hour pass
Our task is to follow a righteous path
And if you do so you know you might just last
Another day mother may I survive the block and
Not be the one to let a gun do my talking
Stalking the mic is how I like to put in work
Look at your life and tell me what it's worth

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