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Feast Eternal - Flight Of The Fallen lyrics

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Flight Of The Fallen by Feast Eternal

A storm of rage from terrors cage
Set loose to crush these wings
No remorse it takes course
Dark winds twist, enslave
Heart falls deep now losing flight
The ground gives way below
No place to set my feet now
Still somehow I am led home
I struggle on beneath these clouds
To seek his glory oh to shine on me
Trying to climb to reach what's lost
Peace blessed peace
Knowledge I gained... ignored
Myself I pushed to that fall
Forgiveness that guides us
Bringing me back to his throne
Perfected in trials and grace
These broken wings now mend
Call to his name, promised to save
Spread these new wings, now I fly
Day at a time learn how to fly
Going slow so to keep
Regain what's taken restore that deliverance
Peace blessed peace
The peace of his mountain calls me
In his fortress and refuge I trust
A beacon of light reaches me
Guiding me farther I fly
A river that flows from him
A path to guide through this pain
New beginnings fresh and alive
From here do I start
Release my fear deep in the dark
Explode back to life I fly
Sorting these wisdom's relearn what's been learned
Peace blessed peace
Away I soar so high above
This path lesser traveled
On wings so light to fly away
Come strong wind that carries me
Move these mountains to set me free
Reach for peace long promised me
Long I fly in pain I cry
To touch the hand of god
To see the sun above the clouds
Like his glory it shines on me
Higher I climb to reach this place
Peace blessed peace

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