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Fame Musical - In LA lyrics

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In LA by Fame Musical

[Carmen -- sung]
Out in l.a. and broke
On the ticket that this fellow sent me
One change of clothes in the suitcase
That my girlfriend anna lent me.
I stayed for awhile in his place
Runnin' with this crowd of his
Partyin' day after day
Meetin' everybody in the biz
Oh, they know how to do it inl.a.
They know how to make it seem brand new
Though it's true whaty they say
That it's only a dream
And a dream is a wish you wish for you
In la your dream may come true
[Goody -- spoken]
Lambchops... tick tock.
[Lambchops -- spoken]
Sorry, carmen. we gotta go. we got finals.
[Carmen -- spoken]
No problem. good seein' you guys.
[Joe -- spoken]
Adios, chica. if you get a chance, come check me out at the comedy club.
[Mabel -- spoken]
You take care, girl. and don't forget to eat.
[Schlomo -- spoken]
Go ahead, I'll catch up with you later.
Carmen, are you gonna be okay?
[Carmen -- spoken]
Hey, don't look so worried. I'm a survivor. but right now, I could use some cash.
[Schlomo -- spoken]
No problem. my dad sent me fifty for my birthday...
[Carmen -- spoken]
Thanks, I promise I will pay you back.
[Schlomo -- spoken]
Listen carmen, if you ever need anything, anytime day or night, you call, okay?
[Carmen -- spoken]
Thanks schlomo, you're the best.
[Schlomo -- spoken]
I love you carmen. don't ever forget that.
[Carmen -- sung]
Yes, they know how to do it in l.a.
They know that somewhere up there the sky is blue
So smile when they say, "it's only a dream"
And you'll get what is comin' to you
In l.a.
In l.a.
In l.a.
Your dreams all come true

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